My full name is Ida-Marie Jungell, I am 24 years old and live in Åbo, Finland. I was born and raised in Jakobstad, where I also work during the summers and where I am a part of the city council. My family, friends and lovely boyfriend are those who bring joy to my life, also training, social medias and travelling. I have a bachelor's degree in humanities, and right now I am on my first year studies for a bachlor in economics. For a living I work as a gymnastic couch, I am a CEO at the firm Finemang ÖB and hopefully soon a full time influencer. 
My blog
I have been a blogger for ten years now, and can actually say it is a huge part of my life. Here I wright about everything in my evertday life, such as work, happenings, news and discussions. This is also the site where I gather all my travelstories, my dreams and also my goals. My dream is to work as a social media influencer in the future, because inspiring others and work with social medias are something I am really passionated about. 
My social medias
You can also find my pictures and short stories on Instagram (idajungell), where I make daily posts and send live-videos from happenings. On my Youtube channel (Ida Jungell) I love to post Videoblogs, testing-videos, collaborations and actually anything that is fun to make a video about. I use some other social medias, like Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn, and if you are interested about them leave a comment below. 
Social media influencers often make collaborations with companies, and I like to make collaborate with companies that have the same values and interest as I have. If you are interested about a collaboration with me, just contact me by mailing to idajungell@gmail.com
Feel free to contact me at any time, you can do so by commenting down here
or sending and email to idajungell@gmail.com
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